Each Service has one Flat Fee Price!

Is your business in need of more customers! If the awnswer is YES! then you came to the correct place!

  •  • We will send an estimate of the fixed cost of calls depanding on your service area.

  •  • You are charged a flat fee per call (Each call is recorded and only charged if deemed a lead)


How much Is it per lead?

It depands on your service area and time of day.

When do I pay?

You will be billed daily for every lead that Is sent. You will be charged on every valid call.

Do I pay for unanswered calls?

Yes, we charge for every call. It is important you pickup every call.

How quickly can I start getting calls?

You can get calls starting the same day you signup.

Are the calls exclusive?

Yes, all our calls are exclusive and will not be sent to anyone else.